Every Home has a Story to Tell. Our Marketing Approach Will Tell Yours.

Analyzing – Strategizing – Storytelling


Like thoroughly reading a recipe before preparing a meal, similarly we survey your home to become familiar with your favorite features that will accentuate all the unique qualities of your home. Our services include providing valuation feedback to determine the highest and best possible value for your home, and upon your request, staging and design consultation for presenting your home. We value the beauty of your home and will help you showcase all its desirable attributes to find those who appreciate it the way we do.


This is one aspect of Black Marlin Coastal Properties that differentiates us from our competitors! While intended strategies generalize a fine overall plan from a real estate brokerage (e.g. placing a for sale sign on the property and wait for the phones to ring), this does not necessarily guarantee a quality outcome. Our emergent strategies take the complexities of a project, re-interpret the intentions or objectives, and adapt to the changing circumstances which provide deliberate results. Since each property has its unique value, our marketing techniques vary with each transaction.

Please contact us to see how we can customize a plan for you!


Whether published digitally on our website, campaigning using social media channels, or by physical means of distribution, like magazine layouts, your home’s story will inspire unique tactics to attract the right home buyer. Cogent storytelling enhances the experience for the prospective buyer, raising their consideration for presenting an offer. Our team of experts are happily awaiting to assist you with your next home selling venture. Visit our About Us page to learn more about our team.